Hello and thank you for your interest in a commissioned painting!



I only take on a handful of commissions a year, and only do so if I feel they're a good fit for the work that I like to do. I am honored you are considering my work!


My commission rates begin at $800 for a 12x16 and go up to $4400 for a 48x48. I can do any standard canvas size in between, and the cost includes shipping with insurance to anywhere within the US. If you are local to Beaufort, SC or would like to pick up, the cost will decrease with larger paintings.


Each painting is done on heavy-framed deep canvas with painted sides and comes with hanging hardware so it can be hung as-is or professionally framed.  My paintings are all done in oil and are varnished for protection.
My turnaround time is dependent on size, but is usually 2-5 months out.
There is a 50% deposit upon booking, and 50% remainder due upon completion.




If you are interested in a commissioned painting, please email me directly at with any reference photos.


Very best,
Kayla DeVito
Artist + Shop Owner

Examples of my commissioned works:

A bright, colorful sunset triptych for a client who witnessed it after a loved one had passed. She wanted to remember the moment when she knew her loved one was sending a sign that he was alright.
A large 4 ft x 4 ft commission featuring the view of a creek on a client's beloved property, where the ashes of a loved one were spread.
This is a personal one that I painted the day I found out my grandmother had passed unexpectedly. I created this in her memory.
A large commission to complement the client's other collection of mountain artwork. Done in the color palette, style and subject matter of his choosing.
A commission based on a vintage photograph of a loved one who passed, enjoying time on his sailboat and waving to his family and friends.
A personal depiction of a storm I painted when I found out my dog, Millie, was sick and needed to be put to rest.

I am passionate about painting subjects that really mean something to my clients. I can work in my traditional color palette and style, can recreate a photo true to color and style, or can make up a scene with some parameters that means something to you. Sometimes clients want to brighten vibrancy in a certain area of a photograph or edit something out, both of which I can do. I can also work from a poem or literary reference and create something from my imagination. If you need help figuring out a painting that depicts what you'd like to convey, please don't hesitate to reach out; that's what I'm here for.