See a piece of my art you long for, but can't bring yourself to splurge at one time?

I can do interest-free installment payments for any artwork over $500. Just email me at


A few notes:

•Installment payments must be set in increments of $100 or more & can't be spread out longer than 6 months.

•Installment payments are non-refundable & non-transferrable.

•You can choose how often/how much you'd like your payments to be (referencing the notes above.)

•You can defer payments at any time. (Email me to do so; I answer quick.)

•The artwork will be shipped to you/ready for pickup upon the completion of your installments.

•There is no interest rate associated with this plan, and no credit check, as I personally set up a series of regular invoices that send according to your chosen payment schedule.