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Kayla DeVito Art

"Music of the Marsh" Oil Painting - 24" x 36"

"Music of the Marsh" Oil Painting - 24" x 36"

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A large mixed media painting with oil paints and oil pastels on deep canvas. It features painted sides so framing isn't necessary.

The colors are muted and punchy with deep maroons, pale pinks, khaki greens, neutral browns and hints of pale dusty blues. Drip, runs and mashes of color coupled with the form of grasses, water and mud make this a playful and intriguing piece.

The scene is a close-up of pluff mud and a small trickle of water, parting the grasses as it makes its way to the local estuary. It was painted with music notes in mind, and how they might appear if one were able to capture the sounds of the marsh: the clicking of oysters, the light rustle of spartina grass in the ever-splaying wind, the faint bubbling of a marsh critter playing in the shallows.

I hope this scene can bring you peace as it did for me to paint it.

Painting measures 24" x 36" with a depth of 1.5"

This painting will ship within 2-3 weeks. Free shipping to anywhere within the continental US.

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