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Kayla DeVito Art

"Perfect Silence" Oil Painting - 20" x 24"

"Perfect Silence" Oil Painting - 20" x 24"

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A decently large-sized painting of a reverently calm marsh illuminated by a twilight's moon. Original oil painting by Kayla DeVito on canvas. Named, and painted from, a poem by L. E. Bowman.

Painting measures 20" x 24"

Framed in an early 1900s antique frame that perfectly complements the painting. The frame will remain in sturdy antique condition but will be color-matched in ay areas missing gesso as to not distract from the painting.

Please note: Despite our best efforts, it's a known fact that Kayla's paintings are always far more beautiful/full of so much depth in person. While we try our best to capture the way they subtly shift in color throughout the day, or to capture all of the detail and emotion, Kayla's paintings are best witnessed in real time. This kind of works in our favor, as collectors always say how much more beautiful they are in person and are pleasantly shocked at how much prettier they are when they open their packages. Better that than the other way around, right? ;) Know that if you purchase this painting and haven't viewed it in person, you'll be delighted upon its arrival.

This painting will ship within 2-3 weeks (framing make take an additional 1-2 weeks.) Free shipping to anywhere within the continental US.

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